The United States Army has been around since 1775. They've collected a lot of stuff over the years. Guns, cannons, uniforms, fine art....wait...what? Yeah, they have the coolest stuff EVER sitting in a sealed vault at Fort Belvoir in Virginia - 30 minutes south of D.C. And who knew the Army had such a collection of fine art?

But my favorite line is the fact that they possess: "the richest American firearm collection on the planet."

I'm sure there's some stuff they've lent to the Smithsonian, but the rest has had no place to be displayed. Until now. This is very good news for history geeks like me...and maybe you.

This article from BuzzFeed likens the vault you are about to see, to the warehouse where they store the Ark of the Covenant at the end of the "Raiders of the Lost Ark" movie. Pretty close, I'd say.  And scroll down to see where it's all (or a lot of it is) headed.     Click here for the story.


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