As long as I can remember, Halloween has been my absolute favorite holiday! I relish the idea of getting all dressed up and transforming into whatever character I've decided to embody that year. Plus, the hubby and I love going all out for our annual Halloween party; decorations (I seem to get more every year), a costume contest, spooky-themed food and drink, and more!

Since Halloween is creeping up (63 days at the time of writing this), I've starting critically thinking about what I'd like to be this year. Sometimes the husband and I do a couples costume, sometimes we do our own thing, but we almost always end up making/putting together our costumes rather than buying one straight from the store... which is another reason why I like to figure out my costume early.

With that said... I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I WANT TO BE FOR HALLOWEEN THIS YEAR! That's where you come in! I'd LOVE to see what your favorite Halloween costume from the past has been! Send a pic of you in your costume to the WITL Facebook. If you do, I just might feature them on the website and our Facebook page for all of the Wittle Family to see!

To get you in the Halloween spirit, take a look at some of my Halloween costumes in the gallery above!

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