The tufted ground squirrel of Borneo. According to Popular Science, this rare squirrel has been proven to have the largest tail to body ratio of any known mammal. Scientists don't really know WHY these squirrels need such large tails. It might be that they want to appear larger to predators.

The really weird story here is that the natives in Borneo have told scientists that these squirrels HUNT deer. They don't say what species of deer they hunt, but Sambar deer in Borneo are about the size of North American elk. Apparently these squirrels jump on the backs of deer from tree limbs and then BITE THEIR JUGULAR VEINS, causing them to bleed to death. Like a fuzzy, little vampire. Then they eat the heart and liver of the deer.

Oh, you weren't reading this close to bed-time, were you?

Sweet dreams.


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