You know the old saying you don't know what you got till it's gone? Before the pandemic, many of us in country radio would go to just about all the country shows. Most we go to so we can broadcast live, meet listeners, and bring winners backstage to meet their favorite country artists.

When I worked for stations in Tampa, Detroit, and Vegas, it was sometimes three times a week. Yes, I did complain a few times, because it was a bit much, but not anymore my friends. Over the weekend I went to my first concert after the pandemic and enjoyed it SO much. Good to be back.

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First Country Concert in 18 Months

I was at the Miranda Lambert/Lee Brice show at Soaring Eagle Casino.


Miranda sounded great and seemed very happy to be back performing live and of course, she did all her hits. The fans were having a blast. I first met Miranda 20 years ago when I was at a country station in Philly and the record label brought her to dinner to introduce her to country radio. Her success since then is amazing and well deserved.


I have the honor of calling Lee Brice a good friend of over 10 years. Met him when his first single came out in 2009 called "Love Like Crazy" and he has had a string of 17 singles since then, 7 going to number 1.  It was a blast hanging on his bus Saturday and catching up on old times. I was at a station in Vegas when we first met and we had a blast. He was single then...


Here is a clip from the show on Saturday with Lee Brice at Soaring Eagle Casino.

Concerts are back and it feels good. Let's get out and enjoy some concert fun this summer and all the great events coming soon to the Mitten.

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