I love my Michigan life! As it turns out though, some of the very things that I love about my Michigan life seem pretty weird to outsiders...

According to Only In Your State, there are "11 Things Michiganders Do That Seem Insane To Everyone Else". Here are a few items they list that I wholeheartedly agree with!

  1. Drinking Vernor's instead of taking medicine to settle your stomach. It's the ginger that settles your stomach woes. I take a bottle or two with me on long road trips for when I get car sick. And it HAS to be Vernor's, it can't be any old ginger ale.
  2. Use your hand as a map to show people where you live. Honestly, why wouldn't you? Our state is so conveniently shaped!
  3. We brave "blizzard-like conditions"I feel like if you've lived in Michigan long enough, your body just conditions itself to the colder temps.
  4. Take a trip to Hell. Hell, Michigan, that is! Hell is a little eccentric and fun, and makes for a neat, little road trip.
  5.  Continue to root for the Detroit Lions. One of these years... one of these years...
  6.  Popping over to Canada for a quick visit. Plus, Detroit is the only place in the contiguous 48 states where you can drive south and hit Canada. Crazy, right?

Another trait that I partly agree with is that we claim Superman ice cream as our absolute favorite. Only In Your State likens Superman ice cream to tasting like "childhood", and I totally agree. But I looooove me some Mackinac Island Fudge!!!

Check out the complete list HERE. Do you agree with all 11? Let me know on Facebook, or in the comments below!

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