The holidays... a time to enjoy family, friends, food, and general cheerfulness. Oh, and of course avoiding all the scammers taking advantage of the generosity and gift giving during this holiday season.

According to CBS News, there's more than one scam making the rounds on Facebook that you should definitely watch out for. The names of two; "Secret Sister Gift Exchange" and the "Secret Wine Bottle Exchange".

These scams ask you to purchase a small gift or a bottle of wine and send it to one person participating in the "gift exchange" while also tagging friends who you think would like to participate. In exchange for participating, you'll get anywhere from 6 - 36 presents or bottles of wine. Basically, this is a Facebook period scheme. And instead of getting a bunch of cool gifts, what you'll be doing is giving away stuff to scammers while also giving out your home address. So, steer clear when you see these crop up on Facebook. Click here to see an example and read the rest of the article.

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