Who wants a nice house in Michigan on the lakefront? Everybody. Most people looking to buy those properties are from Michigan, but you might be surprised to find out where the others come from.

They come from all over America to covet our beachfront property. According to MLive.com, a report released by LakeHomes.com reveals that the top ten metro areas with people interested in Michigan lakefront property include a few areas surrounded by water themselves. Salt water.

The number one city with people looking to buy Michigan lakefront property is Chicago. That makes sense. I'm guessing they sit in traffic on Lake Shore Drive, every day during the summer, looking out over Lake Michigan and wishing they were in Grand Haven or Holland or Saugatuck. Also on that top ten list is Tampa - St. Petersburg, Florida, a place with some beautiful ocean beaches nearby and New York City, where they've been reading about how cool Michigan is, in the New York Times, for years.

So, just remember, this summer, when you're hanging out at a cottage on a lakefront somewhere in Michigan - the rest of America wishes they were you.

And to paraphrase Keith Urban, who wouldn't want to be you?


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