Has your child outgrown their car seat? Even to the point where they've really outgrown it and they are actually sitting in the front seat? Driving?

I'm kidding here, but no matter what your car seat situation is, if it's just sitting around the house with no use in the foreseeable future you may want to consider something that Walmart is doing all during the month of September.

According to wnem.com, the major retailer is launching their very first car seat trade-in from September 16th through September 30th. You can pick up a thirty dollar Walmart gift card during this time period by simply taking that old child's car seat and dropping it off at a Walmart location. The seats will be recycled.

It's all done in recognition of Baby Safety Month, which happens nationally every September.

You can get more info right here from wnem.com about this event at Walmart.

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