When it comes to 2020, we all would like a redo. A do over.

Especially the class of 2020.

Now this is not to make light of those who have truly experienced loss this year. People who have lost loved ones, jobs, and more. But we're talking about being robbed of those special moments and life experiences. Those rites of passage.

Celebrations. Graduations. Walking across the stage. Wearing your cap and gown. Graduation parties.Friends and family celebrating you getting that diploma.

A lot of grads both high school and college will miss out on a number of those activities because of Covid-19. But people are finding unique ways to celebrate accomplishments and still have a ceremony or "some thing" to commemorate the achievement and occasion.

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And if you're a Spartan, how about a message from some other Spartans. But not just anyone. What say we kick it off with MAGIC himself! Take a look, enjoy, and congrats to the Spartan Class of 2020! Go GREEN!

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