(Video & Photo: Sweet Buffalo via YouTube)

Photo: Sweet Buffalo via YouTube
Photo: Sweet Buffalo via YouTube

If you've ever lost an animal that's run away or got out of the house/yard, you know that feeling. That sinking emptiness in your stomach. Your heart hurts. The tears flow nonstop. It hurts. Bad. And for the kids it's even worse. Because you have to deal with your emotions and the looks on their faces. And their heartache.

You put up posters. Check the shelters. You hope someone calls or they just show back up on your doorstep.

This is one of those stories. And it has the happiest of endings. And it's a tearjerker.

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Carter lost his best friend Piper when she was let outside to go potty and didn’t come back when she was called. She was gone for weeks and her family was losing hope, so when Carter’s mom got the call that Piper was found at the Genesee County Animal Shelter, she knew she had to surprise her son in the most special way. His reaction says more about love than any words could. ❤️ https://sweetbuffalo716.com/lost-dog-surprises-his-boy-at-…/

(Source Credit: Sweet Buffalo via Facebook)

Take a moment to read the whole story HERE. We love happy endings. Now, pass the Kleenex. I'm an ugly crier lol.


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