About time, is what I say!

According to WLNS, we may FINALLY see the completion of the sound wall project on 127. This project, which began in April 2016, has been in limbo because no work has been done on it in about a year due to a materials shortage. Kari Arend, spokesperson for M-DOT, says that's about to change.

"In approximately 10 days from now is when you'll start seeing the big cranes back on site and those panels will actually start going in place."

The goal is that once construction resumes, it won't stop until the project is complete, "and that should happen before the end of the year." So get ready for lots of orange barrels along US 127 north and southbound between Michigan Ave and Lake Lansing, and probably on Saginaw near the 127 on and off ramps. Read more about the sound wall project and the finalizing of it, here.

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