You might remember the recent story of a woman, who, while walking her dog, found a dead cougar by the side of a road in Dickinson County, in the U.P. The Michigan DNR determined that the carcass had been dumped there. Since then, the state has been investigating the death and they think they may have some answers.

According to, the DNR believes the cougar died after being caught in a snare trap, which are usually (and legally) set for coyotes and fox, but not for cougars which are a protected species in Michigan. The cougar had not been shot.

The DNR is continuing their investigation. According to the DNR's Lt Pete Wright, "I'm confident that at some point we will be able to identify the person who snared the cougar and then begin to make the determination as to whether it was simply an incidental catch or directly targeted and poached".

Just my two cents: sounds to me like it was incidental, but whoever is responsible should come forward and own up to it.

Here's the story.


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