The bear that wandered into Midland yesterday, took a liking to the city and stayed for hours. Finally, according to, after getting named by the Midland Police (Nakoma) and taking several tranquilizers shots, the 250 pound bear gave up, in somebody's garage.

According to Bruce Barlow, a DNR wildlife, several tranquilizer darts were needed because Nakoma just came out of hibernation. He didn't have much fat on him and his metabolism was jacked up. When that happens, the drug just gets metabolized so quickly, it's not very effective.

I'm gonna say, based on that information, I'd probably go right down if you darted me, right now. (But, don't. Yeah, I know it would be funny, but...)

Nakoma will now be headed off to somewhere in the Upper Peninsula. (My suggestion is the Seney Wildlife Refuge - I think he'd love it up there)


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