You might remember that, about a month ago (May 31), a horse was killed in the "Thumb" area of Michigan by what law enforcement officials said was an unknown "large animal". Now, according to, a DNR wildlife biologist says, "The horse got into something man made." Don Bonnette says, "It wasn't caused by an animal. There's no question about that." Investigators are still listing the death as "unknown", saying there was nothing in the pasture that could have killed the horse, except for a fence.

So, there was no cougar or Bigfoot attack. But Bonnette goes on to say the wound on the horse was "super clean" and not jagged like you would expect from an animal attack.

Well, you know what that sounds like? I'm not saying it's aliens, here.

Here's the rest of the story about the investigation going on in Sanilac County, MI.


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