On my way up to Iron River last week for a vacation over the week of Labor Day I was getting close to my destination when I noticed Bigfoot to my left. Obviously, it wasn't the real Bigfoot, but I had to do a doubletake to confirm what I was seeing was real. It was an entire motel dedicated to Bigfoot called the Bigfoot Hideaway. The entire outside of the motel, located in Crystal Falls in MI's Upper Peninsula is painted to look like the woods, with multiple references to the mythical creature all over the building and grounds.

They also have a gift shop supplied with a variety of Bigfoot apparel and souvenirs, plus, photos with Bigfoot available for purchase. Also every year they have a Bigfoot Art & Essay contest where they welcome kids to send in their Bigfoot art and encourage people to share their fascination with Sas with them. The motel is geared toward travelers and even hosts a room that is pretty sizeable:

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Rooms Available

They have one and two-bed rooms available as well as a Lodge, which has a full kitchen with utensils, a full bathroom, washer and dryer, and a wrap-around porch, which rents for $150 a night.

Bigfoot Sightings In The U.P.

Located in Iron County, Crystal Falls has never had a Bigfoot sighting recorded, however, there have been over 50 documented sightings or reports of Bigfoot in the U.P alone, according to this Bigfoot sighting tracker.

There have been over 250 sightings reported, with the most recent coming from Mackinac County in February of 2022. In Kalamazoo, a woman claimed to have had multiple strange encounters over a 10-year span with the creature.

Fascinating Bigfoot Reports From Each Michigan County

Whether or not you believe in Bigfoot, it's still really entertaining to read about all of the times people claim they have come into contact with the creature. Below we're going to go through Michigan county by county and detail the most interesting Bigfoot encounter that's been reported there.


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