Last Monday, I passed along the story of the "Bullitt" Mustang being auctioned off in Florida. The auction happened last Friday afternoon in Kissimmee, Florida. Couldn't leave you hanging - so, here's what happened.

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If you remember, Robert Kiernan  bought the '68 Mustang GT, driven by Steve McQueen and used in the actual chase scenes of the 1968 movie, "Bullitt", for $3500 in 1974. He gave it it to his wife to use it as her everyday "shopping and hauling the kids around" car, until the clutch went out and it got parked - for almost 40 years. Bob passed away in 2014 and after doing some work on it, his son Sean decided it was time to let it go. Early estimates were that the Mustang might go for as much as $5 million. They got close.

According to, the final price - with auction fees - was $3.7 million - to a mystery bidder on the phone. It's the highest price ever paid for a Ford Mustang.

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