The Gilmore Car Museum is one of those places in Michigan I haven't seen yet. When the subject of old cars comes up, invariably someone says, "You ever been to the Gilmore? That place is awesome." And then I say, "No" - and that's when the shaming starts. I promise - I'll be visiting Hickory Corners, soon. And I'll be going back in 2021, because that's when they'll be opening a new addition. A new addition featuring muscle cars.

According to WOOD-TV, the Gilmore Car Museum will break ground next summer on a new $5 million, 25,000 foot addition that will probably double the number of muscle cars they'll be able to display.

Someday, when every car is electric, or at least a hybrid, hopefully the Gilmore and this new addition will still be there, to be visited by future generations and to back up our wild stories about horsepower, carburetors and the term "street legal".

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