Almost three weeks ago, we shared the story of a 1969 Plymouth GTX convertible, which the Leelanau County Sheriff's Office had determined was abandoned. Nobody had come forward to claim it after it was found in storage, so it was put up for auction. Things were going well - the sale got a lot of publicity due to the rareness of the car and the bid price was up around $60,000.

And then somebody found something in the trunk, with a name on it.

According to, in the trunk was a replacement carpet kit with the name Craig McIntosh on the shipping label. Craig isn't the owner, but a friend of the owner. Craig had done some restoration work on the car and said his friend, “was dealing with some personal stuff back then, and I was trying to help him out by taking care of it and putting it in storage. I thought the car was gone a long time ago.” He tried to get the car out of storage at one point, but didn't have the right paperwork for the sheriff's office. And then he moved to Atlanta, where somebody tracked him down to let him know what was happening. The good news is that his friend is still around and the sheriff is working on getting the Plymouth back to him.

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