Michiganders are going to really like reading this article and I'll tell you why, because two hidden gems made the list of the most beautiful small towns in America.

Would you like to know which two hidden gems?  (mlive.com)

The list of 55 small towns includes destinations in several states. In Michigan, the Lake Michigan vacation spot of Holland and the Upper Peninsula mining town of Houghton both made the cut.

Not surprising to say the least. Both Holland and Houghton are definitely two beautiful small towns here in our Great Lakes state.

I've been to Holland countless times because it is well known for all their windmills, along with the annual Holland spring festival Tulip Time.

Holland is also well known for their award winning breweries, microbreweries, and brew pubs.

Mlive.com also adds:

 “With a name like Holland, it’s not surprising this Michigan city mirrors its European counterpart in many ways,” reporters Kristine Hansen and Katherine McLaughlin wrote. The area was settled by the Dutch in 1846, and this heritage remains a big part of the city’s current culture. The city’s proximity to the shores of Lake Michigan only further its appeal

And what about our other small town hidden gem in the Upper Peninsula? None other than the mining town of Houghton.

Personally speaking, I've never been to Houghton, but I have been to many towns in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Even though Houghton doesn't get a lot of foot traffic, like some of the other popular U.P. destinations, that cute little gem of a town has plenty to offer.

Here's more from mlive.com:

“Among this Upper Peninsula town’s natural gems is Isle Royale National Park, accessible through Rock Harbor on Lake Superior,” a blurb reads. “Home to Michigan Technological University, Houghton’s downtown is filled with cafes, outdoor-apparel boutiques, and eclectic dining.”

Next summer, Houghton will be on my next vacation hot spot list in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Looking forward to it.

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