Costumes seem to be on the top of a lot of people's minds right now because Halloween is just around the corner. However, if Halloween isn't really your thing and you're more of a Thanksgiving type of person, you're now able to combine the two holidays with TURKEY PANTS!

Yep, it's true. Turkey Pants are a thing on Amazon and here's the deal, they aren't really that expensive. Some of the sizes start at only $9.87 a pair (plus shipping). Let's say this is your first Thanksgiving with the new 'fam' and you're trying to leave a lasting impression. (These pants would surely do the trick.) Or, maybe you're one of those people that eat way-too-much at Thanksgiving and you need to wear something a little loose for the holiday, this would perfect!

According to the description, they're made of high quality material, they're "very cool to wear" and they even say that they are "durable enough for your daily wearing". That means that you can wear them all-the-time...not just on Thanksgiving! (I mean, who wouldn't want to wear them every day....or not.)

I do have one favor. If you happen to buy these, can you send me a picture please?! Here's where you can order them. And you're welcome.


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