If you have ever seen the show "Nailed It!" on Netflix and thought to yourself, "oh, I could do that" there's actually a chance for you to put your skills to the test with the "Nailed It! At Home Experience."

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Nailed It!

If you don't know what the show is or what it is about, basically, it is a baking competition where amateur bakers are challenged with re-creating fun desserts to the best of their abilities. From there whoever "nails it" wins a cash prize but we can also sit back and enjoy those who "failed it" too.

With all the buzz around the show, and a way for those who love to watch to feel like they are part of the experience, they started the "Nailed It! At Home Experience".

What you do is you go to their website when they announce they are doing the event and from there you can purchase a ticket.

With that ticket, you will be sent a baking kit with everything you'll need to participate in the challenge such as fondant, food coloring, piping bags, powdered sugar, etc. as well as instructions for what you will be creating and what you'll need at home.

"This online experience combines all the best ingredients of Nailed It!: hilarity, chaos and fails," they say. "Cooking up an unforgettable product that will leave you craving more!"

Participating in the Challenge

My cousin, Chelsi, who is visiting from Texas was the one who told me about the event and asked if I wanted to come over to our aunt's house and be her baking partner!

So, with our younger cousin, Gibson, on board and plenty of mimosas for us older gals, we got to work!

Nailed It! At Home Experience

What happens when two Michiganders and a Texan team up to whip up some tasty treats with the "Nailed It! At Home Challenge"

Look Fun? Try It For Yourself

If this looks fun to you, follow NailedIt! on social media and check back in on the "At Home Experience" website.

With the rainy weather that's coming this week, take this as a sign to spend the afternoon in the kitchen having some silly, delicious fun with the fam!

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