Emilott Lantz is 25 and lives in northern Sweden. And, she will never get locked out of her office again. Because, according to The Local, (a Swedish news site, translated to English) she just became one of the first Swedes to have a microchip surgically inserted into her hand. Having that will allow her to enter her office without keys or a code or a password. That's because the code or password will be in the grain sized chip in her hand - and all she has to do is wave her hand over a device on the door, and the door will unlock. So far there are only around 100 people with microchip implants living in Sweden. But there will be more.


What do YOU think? Would you get an implant so you could give up your keys and codes and passwords?

I know - I think people hacking into my "hand key" might be a problem, too. And surely the government would never use this to follow our every movement. Right?

I've said too much. Gotta go.

Here's the story.

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