If you're wondering what Tony Stewart plans on doing now that he's retired as a driver, the Indianapolis Star may have the answer - hosting deer hunters on his farm in Columbus, Indiana.

Earlier this year, the state of Indiana legalized high-fenced deer hunting. And Tony's farm is entirely surrounded by an 8 to 10 foot fence. In 2010, Tony said he was turning the farm into a fenced laboratory, so Mississippi State University biologists could study the deer. He's also allowed Catch-A-Dream hunts on the property for kids with life-threatening illnesses. Last week, the county where the farm is located voted to "allow conditional use of the property for a bed-and-breakfast-like hunting and fishing facility". So, it looks like people will be staying and hunting on the farm soon.

Personally, I don't think I would ever hunt a high-fenced property, BUT we recently talked to Brantley Gilbert who wants to do the same thing on his property in Alabama, to allow disabled veterans to deer hunt. And I think that's a great idea. Perhaps that's the plan for Tony's farm.

Some of Tony's neighbors are a little upset about the plans. They're afraid the deer on Tony's place might contract CWD. If that happens, the state's fix is to "de-populate" the deer in a 10 mile radius around the area with the issue. Yeah, I'd probably be a little ticked if that happened where I hunt. But, if it's been fenced for 6 years already, well...


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