It's always an unfortunate situation, especially if you're one of the vehicle owners who has to pay for replacements, but according to the Ingham County Sheriff's Office Facebook page there have been many reports of tires being slashed in the area.

Here's the info from the post:

We have had numerous tire slashing reports on the north side of Delhi Charter Township/Holt around Dell Road and Willoughby Road since about midnight. If your car is parked outside, please check your tires just to make sure.

Also - if you have any security cameras and live in that area, can you check your recordings from overnight if you see anything suspicious? You can send those recordings directly to us via the "Send Message" link here. Or you can contact the Delhi Township Sheriff's Office at 517-694-0045 with either any video you have, or to file a report if your vehicle was damaged.

Get more information from the Ingham County Sheriff's Office Facebook page here.

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