It's good to be Tim McGraw.

The man's been cranking out country hits for more than three decades now, with no signs of slowing down.

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Such a prolific career brings its own problems though - Tim McGraw's got so many hits, there's simply not enough time to play them in all in concert anymore. Not even when you add an encore.

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McGraw brought his 2024 "Standing Room Only" tour to Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids recently. Here are 7 megahits that were noticeably missing from his set.

7. "My Next Thirty Years"

Tim McGraw was 33 when he released the megahit "My Next Thirty Years" back in 2000. The lyrics surely resonated with him at the time. Now that he's 57, perhaps his vantage point has changed? Maybe it doesn't feel as authentic now to McGraw as it did at the time.

6. Everywhere

Such a great singalong favorite. I've got no theories as to why "Everywhere" was eliminated from the setlist other than there simply wasn't time.

5. If You're Reading This

McGraw's hit "If You're Reading This" is from the point-of-view of a fallen soldier. Country concertgoers love a good patriotic song, and including this one in the setlist the weekend after Memorial Day would have felt even more poignant.

4. My Best Friend

"My Best Friend" is one of Tim McGraw's biggest love ballads, but it's slow. Could that be why he chose to leave it out of his Grand Rapids setlist? Trying to keep momentum going?

3. It's Your Love

Tim McGraw's duet with wife Faith Hill "It's Your Love" spent a month and a half atop the country charts in 1997, but McGraw's not playing it in his shows right now. Images of Faith appear on-screen at other times during the concert, but none of their duets are featured. Curious, because the more recent "Highway Don't Care" with Taylor Swift is part of the show - maybe because she's Taylor Swift?!

2. Indian Outlaw

"Indian Outlaw" was Tim McGraw's very first top ten record on the country charts. It's the song that really made audiences sit up and take notice of him. He didn't play it in his most recent show, however. Perhaps times have changed and the song's fallen by the wayside due to political correctness? Who knows.

1. Don't Take the Girl

"Don't Take the Girl" was TIm McGraw's very first #1 song back in 1994. My preemie daughter was 5 months old the first time I heard it, and full disclosure - I pulled off the side of the highway and bawled. How on earth does this song no longer make the cut in concert?!? Maybe it's the tempo, and maybe Tim just doesn't want to drag the party mood down, but GAH!

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The country superstars have been constant supporters of each other's music careers. McGraw and Hill also linked up for a duets album, The Rest of Our Life, and toured together on several versions of the Soul2Soul Tour.

The love shared between these two has spilled over into their daughters' lives. The family of five appear to be very close and regularly gather for meals and family get-togethers. After raising their three daughters, McGraw and Hill are now enjoying life as empty-nesters.

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