The Farmer's Daughter Country Market on Cape Breton, on the northern tip of Nova Scotia needs workers. They need workers who are "environmentally conscious", with skills in "customer service or the FOOD INDUSTRY" (Hmm, if only there were a large university around here that could teach me those skills...) According to Mother Nature Network, they're offering employees a job AND a 2 acre wooded lot to live on, IF they hire you. (How could they NOT hire you?) If you stay employed for 5 years, the lot is yours to keep! The down-side is, because of Canadian employment laws, they can't hire just any foreigner. Apparently you have to have be cleared to work in Canada already, but I know we have some Canadians in our midst and I also bet there's a "creative" way to get around that problem. There's a link in the story to tell you more.

Good luck. Write if you get work. Here's the story. Looks like a beautiful place.


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