Up in the Soo, Lake Superior State University says they'll be back to in-person classes in the fall. Chippewa County has had only two confirmed cases of coronavirus and no deaths. So, LSSU will be open for business in the fall. And not only will they start the fall semester two weeks early, but they'll wrap up the first semester before Thanksgiving. There's a good reason for doing so. And it concerns safely navigating the "I'm Not Real Sure Yet About Hanging Out in Big Lines of People", post-pandemic world.

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According to Up North Live, LSSU's fall semester will start on August 10th and wrap up, without a break, before Thanksgiving The same reason applies for their spring semester starting on January 19th and ending on April 30, 2021, without a break. According to an LSSU press release:

Without the traditional holiday break, students’ studies can continue unabated for the Fall 2020 semester without the need to travel in the beginning of cold and flu season.

Seems like a smart idea and a good change. Plus, for anyone flying home it'll make it easier to get flights, so it's a win-win.

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