When it comes to wings, I'll admit, I'm a bit of a literalist.

Sorry, but drumsticks aren't wings.

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But chicken is chicken, and when prepared properly, I can be quite forgiving.

"Buffalo wings" got their start in the 1960s in Buffalo, New York, as deep-fried with Frank's Hot Sauce and butter. Since then, countless variations on the wing have been introduced, and different areas of the country have perfected their own versions of wings.

The website TastingTable.com scoured the nation, looking for the best chicken wings that America had to offer. They narrowed their list to the Top 25 Chicken Wings in the nation, and one of those places is right here in Michigan.

Photo by Wing Doozy (via Twitter)
Photo by Wing Doozy (via Twitter)

Wing Doozy currently has three locations in metropolitan Grand Rapids--in Plainfield, Wyoming and Hudsonville.

According to the reviewers at TastingTable.com, the Original Doozy dry rub boneless wings earned Wing Doozy its spot in the nation's Top 25. They admit that some wing connoisseurs will scoff at the idea of "boneless" wings at all, but urge wing fans to try them anyway.

Wing Doozy's Original Doozy dry rub offers a mix of sweet and spicy flavors without the messiness of a sauce. There's a blackened dry rub available as well that offers a sweet heat, according to the restaurant's menu.

If sauce is a must, Wing Doozy does offer a wide variety from which to choose, including Buttery Garlic Parm, Asian Ginger, Sweet Honey BBQ, Wimpy BBQ (this sounds perfect for me), Tangy Lemon Pepper, Tennessee Bourbon (hold on, that sounds good too), Doozy Jerk, Spicy Garlic Parm, Nashville Hot, Smokey Buffalo BBQ, House Buffalo, and Spicy Cajun Buffalo.

Photo by Wing Doozy (via Twitter)
Photo by Wing Doozy (via Twitter)

If there's not a location near you, ain't no thing but a chicken wing. We've put together a list of some other Mid-Michigan restaurants you might try.

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