It may not be so here in Mid-Michigan, but Michigan actually has some of the coolest temperatures in the country right now, in one area of the state.

Michigan is currently experiencing some cold air from our northern neighbors in Canada. Along with that cold air that traveled down to us, we're also seeing rain and clouds in a lot of areas in Michigan. As it currently stands, northern Lower Michigan is seeing temperatures around 50 today.

Rogers City, Michigan currently is the coldest city in the U.S., sitting at 54 degrees. Alpena, Traverse City, and Cadilac aren't too far behind with those temps either, only seeing highs in the mid to upper 50's.

For this time of the year, those temperatures are rather unnatural. In fact, on a normal July day, temperatures should be around 80 degrees in northern Michigan. That's a 20-degree temperature difference.
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None of the temperatures above are record-breaking, however, if it were two degrees cooler, Traverse City would've broken a 1922 record, with a high of 58 degrees on July 8th nearly 100 years ago.
Here in Mid-Michigan, we aren't seeing anything like that. Today's high was around 72. And we should see a steady rate of mid to upper 70's for the remainder of the week here.
 But, if you're in the mood for some fall-like temperatures, maybe a quick trip up north will cool you off.

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