We all dream of our perfect house. I don't care about the size of of the house; I am looking for cozy. I would have many amenities like a hot tub, great view, lots of windows, a wine cellar, and of course a man cave to entertain all my friends.

Right now I am renting an apartment for 6 months and hoping to buy a home in the Lansing area next year. I have been looking around to get an idea of what the area has to offer, and I found this gem on Realtor.com.

I know this house is going to blow your mind, and I really think the price is right. Lets take a look!

I was talking to a few realtor friends, and apparently it's a sellers market right now. As soon as a home goes on the market, poof, it's gone the same day. Plus folks are paying 10 to 15 thousand dollars more to make sure they get it.

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