I recently came across an article from Mental Floss on Facebook that peaked my interest... "What People Are Wondering About Your State, According to Google". But, I noticed that the article was from February of 2016. So, I was curious to find out what the results are now.

Mental Floss says the way they start the Google search is by typing in "Why does" and then insert a state name. And because Google keeps track of what people are curious about, Google makes an "auto fill" suggestion based on previous searches. And to stick to the topic, Mental Floss also "disregarded questions that referred to the state's sports team instead of the state itself. It is worth noting that the only state that was the exception was Alabama, "because apparently that's all they search for."

And the results for "Why does Michigan..." are:

  • Why does Michigan hate pride and prejudice
  • Why does Michigan have the upper peninsula
  • Why does Michigan have so many lighthouses

Another popular question/result was "Why does Michigan wear jordan", which I learned refers to U of M's football jerseys that are of Nike's Jordan Brand. And since it referred to the state's sports team, I disregarded the result.

If you want to see what some of the results were from the other states, click here.

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