If you watched Beauty and the Beast growing up and the thing you were most jealous about was the library that Beast gave to Belle, then this home is for you.

You just need about $4.7 million dollars...think you can swing that in your budget?

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Disney Lovers Only

I found this house on Zillow, and all budget joking aside, this house is legitimately a dream come true for Disney lovers and bibliophiles alike all because of the in-house library. Just check it out for yourself! If you're not drooling over the stacks of books or how the ceiling was painted, are you even a Disney fan?

This Michigan House Looks Right Out of Beauty and the Beast

This house is so cool. If I had the money, I'd buy it just for the library and live out my Disney Princess dreams! The five bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and home movie theater definitely don't hurt either.

Belle Approved

In all honesty, though, I feel like Belle would totally approve of this house for the library alone. This book-dedicated space is over 1,000 square feet (out of 14,500 square feet) and has two stories to books, plenty of natural light, and even a fireplace to cozy up to when you're reading. Plus, the painted ceiling is gorgeous. It looks straight out of a story book, or as if Michelangelo had a hand in painting it, himself.

All I have to say is, Zillow better not show me any more houses that have libraries with Disney Princess vibes because they are not in my budget!

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