NASA scientists have found an asteroid named "Psyche 16" that orbits between Mars and Jupiter and is composed entirely of solid metal - a lot of it precious metals. Meaning it's a hunk of metal 120 miles in diameter made of gold and platinum (as well as iron and nickel). According to Fox News, if NASA could find a way to extract all the precious metals out of it (say, with a team of miners that they could launch onto the asteroid. Hmm)  the value is estimated to be somewhere around $10,000 quadrillion. I did the math. That works out to about $1.3 BILLION - for every man woman and child currently living on Earth.

HOWEVER, it's been brought up in some circles, that if you had THAT much gold and platinum enter the supply, it would end up being worth almost nothing. Yo - economics.

So there we are. Broke again. That didn't take long.

Doesn't matter - NASA is still planning on launching a probe to investigate Psyche 16 in 2022.

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