Did you know that you can see the lights of the Aurora Borealis here in the state of Michigan?

It's a natural phenomenon that you won't have to drive or even fly to a different location to catch a glimpse of the lights.

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Depending on your location in Michigan, it could be a bit of a drive, but living in Michigan, you learn that a five-hour drive is nothing.

Check out these select Michigan locations, that you can go to for a glimpse of the shower of lights in the sky.

The Best Locations In Michigan To See The Aurora Borealis

You don't have to go too far if you live in Michigan to see the beautiful lights in the sky that is the Aurora Borealis. But, where exactly do you go to see those lights here in Michigan? The best time to catch the lights is from August to April, and you can make a stop at these Michigan locations below, and enjoy the natural show.

There are most definitely other destinations you could head to, to catch a glimpse of the lights that are not from Michigan. However, those who have a trip planned to Northern Michigan this winter, or even just live in the Northern Michigan area, can enjoy a glimpse of science at work. 

Have you caught a glimpse of the lights from Michigan?

You can submit your photos to us, through our free station app. Let me know where in Michigan you've gone to catch a glimpse of these lights if you've ever been so lucky to do so.

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