It's tough to root for this Detroit area team sometimes. But, you love what you love, and this team is definitely one of them.

Just like you, these celebrities love their Detroit Lions. But don't get it twisted, I'm sure they get upset and throw things when the team takes a loss too.

With that being said though. Maybe grab something you can get autographed the next time you head out to a game. Most of these celebrities are from Detroit. You never know when the opportunity for an autograph will arise.

These 10 Celebrities All Root For The Detroit Lions

Look, I can't hate on you for rooting for them. It's a Michigan thing. Check out these celebrities who also root for the Detroit Lions.

Did you see anyone on the list that you aren't too surprised by? I saw a few names and wasn't too surprised they rooted for their home team.

There were a few names that did catch me off guard though.

I was a little shocked by Mrs. Aretha Franklin making the list. The fact she came out of retirement, just to sing the National Anthem astounds me.

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While rooting for the Detroit Lions may be a Michigan thing, until they start winning a little more, I think I'm going to personally wait for the scores to reach me later.

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