For the next week from Sunday, November 27th to Friday, December 2nd, the cameras will be in Detroit to film scenes for the fourth chapter of the "Beverly Hills Cop" series. This is the first time a film will be added to the series since 1994.

The sequences will be filmed in downtown Detroit on Washington Blvd between State Street and Grand River Avenue while also shooting some scenes around Capitol Park. These scenes will include simulated car chases and stunt driving as local residents are to be advised of smoke screens and sparks.

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Detailing The Day

As they prepare to release another addition to the Beverly Hills Cops story, you may be lucky enough to be caught as an extra in one of many scenes that will be filmed in Detroit, Michigan. The State of Michigan and the city of Detroit are no strangers to the film cameras, so even though they aren't casting specifically for extras, there are always loopholes, right?

There hasn't been any word on if lead star Eddie Murphy, co-star Judge Reinhold, or others will be in attendance for this brief stint of filming in Michigan. Production for the film started earlier this year in California and Eddie Murphy was already seen in his character's patented Detroit Lions Jacket.

Obviously, local authorities will be in the area to provide traffic and crowd control while also managing the smoke screens and sparks that will be present. Mark Molloy is directing this craziness and will look to continue the impressive Beverly Hills Cops legacy.

Conscious Cameo

Back to the loopholes and possibly being an extra. If you have the correct timing, are in the perfect spot, and manage to get in front of the camera lens you may be able to snag yourself an unofficial cameo. If you happen to be in the back of the best shot filmed during that scene you very well may be on the big screen.

Now, I'm not saying they're going to pay you(because they most likely aren't) or that this will garnish some kind of acting career for yourself(because it probably won't) but the opportunities are there. There is some solid publicity involved in being an extra and this may be your lucky day.

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