Ah, the castle life. It would basically be like the life you have now but with more castle things to do like skimming leaves and debris from the mote and adding chemicals to the water.

This home in Rochester, Michigan is an honest-to-goodness castle, complete with mote, drawbridge, waterfall, elevator, five fireplaces, secret rooms, hidden doors, hidden passageways, hidden staircase, wine cellar, and a Tudor style pub.

A game of Hide & Seek could last all weekend.

According to the Zillow listing, this six-acre property is surrounded by a wrought iron fence and two gated towers. It's taller than a four-story building and has recently been updated with six new furnaces and six new A/C units.

This home was built in 1990 using 60 tons of steel and features the architecture of artisans from all over the world. There are five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and a five-car attached garage. (We really appreciate the modern-day conveniences of air conditioning and an attached garage.)

It's OK to check out the pictures, even if you can't afford the $2,299,000 price tag.

We're impressed that there's a home in Michigan that's fit for a young Queen Elizabeth or Theon Greyjoy. (Talking to you, fans of 'The Crown' and 'Game of Thrones.')

This Michigan Castle Has a Mote, a Drawbridge, and All the Castle Things

Living in a real castle could be a reality. This home in Rochester, Michigan features a mote, drawbridge, secret rooms, hidden doors and passageways, and all the other castle things you need to make your life more ... castle-ey.

It's currently listed on Zillow for the low-low castle price of $2,299,000.

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These Three Michigan Homes Have Heated Driveways

On a cold, wintery day wouldn't it be nice to be able to flip a switch and have all that snow and ice melt off your driveway? No shoveling, no wrestling with the snowblower - just a little bump in your electric bill, and all that white stuff is gone.

We found three homes for sale here in Michigan that feature heated driveways.

And one of them (which is located in Kalamazoo) is listed for under a half million dollars.

#1 is in Holland. It's a 5,000 square foot beauty that lists for $3.5 million.
#2 is in Grand Haven. This five-bedroom home is on the market for $2.7 million.
#3 is in Kalamazoo. This is the most affordable of the bunch listing for just $499,000.

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