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One interest I have is old and unique real estate here in Michigan. Not that I'm actively looking for a new place to live, but I really enjoy looking inside homes for sale and seeing how people lived while they were there, and imagining what it would be like to live there myself. That's why I'm a part of the Facebook group, For The Love Of Old Houses. It's exactly what it sounds like; it showcases old houses in all their glory. And it just so happens that its latest Michigan listing is for sale

For The Love Of Old Houses brought this Detroit castle-style home to my attention, and now I bring it to yours to admire.

Detroit Castle Home For Sale

After navigating the Zillow listing from Matt O'Laughlin from Max Broock, REALTORS®-Detroit, I learned that this castle home, which was built in 1924, is a foreclosure from back in October of 2021. It's available now, and I could just imagine what it would be like to host a grand ball inside it.

The great room is truly great. It has super high, wood-beamed ceilings, a fireplace, and a chandelier making it look like a King or Queen just lived there. Not only that but there's plenty of space to go around. The kitchen is huge and comes with a butler's pantry. Plus, there are seven bedrooms and six and a half bathrooms, making this place the perfect place to host family holidays and more. All for less than half a million dollars. Check out the pictures for yourself in the gallery below.

Castle in Detroit For Sale

This home for sale in Detroit looks just like a castle. Literally. Like royalty just lived there. And if you want to live like royalty, it's for sale. Check out how stunning it is in the pictures below.

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