I would LOVE to have this Christmas tree right now.

You may have heard that I ran into an issue when putting up my Christmas Tree this past weekend. Long story short; my kitten Memphis decided that she was going to climb up it and play with it like it's a giant cat toy. You can see how successful she is in the post below.

The tree started with lights and a bow at the top, we decided to not even put ornaments on. Then, the lights had to go because she wouldn't stop chewing them. Next to go was the bow. Finally, even with nothing to decorate it, Memphis climbed high enough up that when she went to play with one of the boughs, she brought the whole tree down.

In her defense, she's still a kitten and this is her first Christmas, so I'm hoping she'll deal with it better as she gets older. But for now, her shenanigans have me seriously considering buying a Christmas Tree similar to this one I saw on Facebook on 22 Words. It's specifically designed for those dealing with "misbehaving cats"... it's a half Christmas Tree! A company called Argos makes one, CHECK IT OUT HERE. But sadly, they are only shipping to the UK this season. Maybe I'll just hack the branches off the bottom of the one I have, because it's DEFINITELY not making it past this Christmas with Memphis in the house! lol

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