This is an issue that I've seen many deal with around this time every year. I've seen pictures; I've seen videos. And now, I've had first hand experience. Check out this issue I'm dealing with in my Instagram post below.

My Christmas tree was up for around about 5 minutes I'd say. And within that time, my kitty Memphis found her way into it. I'm not mad though, it is her first Christmas after all. Plus, a Christmas tree must basically look like a giant cat toy to cats... it's got bright, shiny lights; hanging baubles; and kind of sounds like a crinkly-toy (cat people, you know what I'm talking about) So, we'll definitely be keeping an eye on her when she's around the Christmas tree.

If you're living that cat life, I would love to hear or see some instances that you've encountered this issue. Share a picture of your Christmas kitty, and I may feature your cat on the WITL website.

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