Fall is here and winter and the holidays are right around the corner which means we, of course, will be spending more time indoors and maybe going to the movies a little more often.  Maybe doing other fun things indoors like bowling, or shopping in our favorite mall.

Keep in mind too The Wharton Center has tickets on sale for some great shows like Rain, a tribute to the Beatles, Mannheim Steamroller Christmas, and many other great performances and musicals.

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Here is some great news, as many are aware of it has been a long 18 months since we have enjoyed The Williamston Theatre, but the show must go on, as they say, so get ready for a new season according to fox47news.com

Theatre Recovering From Pandemic

Co-founder John Lepard says they are so excited to fill those seats again. He also recalls the first show in 2006 and after that there was a play every month until the pandemic affected us all.


When it stopped, it was a very sudden strange feeling to not have anything to do with the theater," he said. "So we decided to put some other things together. We put some strolling stories together that you can still find on our website. One is called 'The Fire Tour.' It’s about all of the fires that have happened in Williamston that shaped the town over the years.


There will be some cool new changes as well, they have been working on updating the theatre and making sure all seats have a great view, and getting new seats.

Here Is a Preview Of What's Coming

I love classic movies and one of my favorites is "It's a Wonderful Life".  So this will be fun, get ready for "This Wonderful Life, Nov. 18th to Dec. 19th.  It is a one-man retelling of the Frank Capra film "It’s a Wonderful Life," while,  "Tracy Jones," is scheduled for May 19th to June 19th, It explores the power of human connection.

For more info on all shows and tickets go to williamstontheatre.org

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