The Mid-Michigan area has been the focus for plenty of shows on Food Network, especially for Guy Fieri.

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Guy Fieri has brought his red convertible to Lansing plenty of times to visit places like MEAT Southern BBQ, Zaytoon Mediterranean, Capital City BBQ, and plenty more.

However, it's not Guy Fieri or Diners, Drive-Ins or Dives that made their way to Mid-Michigan. This time around it was Chef Robert Irvine and his show, "Restaurant: Impossible".

Food Network Shows in Mid-Michigan

According to the Lansing State Journal, Chef Irvine and his team filmed at the Williamston diner Sunnyside Cafe last summer (2022) on June 8th and 9th. Unlike Triple D, which highlights some amazing restaurants that are serving up some exceptionally delicious food, "Restaurant: Impossible" instead focuses on restaurants that could use a little help in one way or another.

In the time that Irvine spends with these restaurants, he does all he can to help them turn around and do the very best they can to move forward, and that was the focus of his time at Sunnyside Cafe. And we're going to see how it went this March.

"Restaurant: Impossible" in Williamston, Michigan

While filming took place June 8th and 9th of 2022, we will finally see the episode, entitled "Sunnyside Down", air on March 2nd at 8 pm on the Food Network. Here's what you can expect from the episode from the description,

Robert Irvine heads to Williamston, Mich., to resurrect the Sunnyside Café, a little breakfast joint with big problems. Owner Jeanette is an intense micromanager who alienates her staff and refuses to make any changes to the restaurant inside or out. Robert wastes no time addressing the problems and finding solutions to keep this restaurant from going under.

It seems like something went well, and is continuing to go well because when you look up Sunnyside Cafe on Google, it has 4.2 stars out of 5 for its Google rating. I can't wait to see the episode to see what kind of changes were made and to see if those changes are still working out for Sunnyside and its owner.

In the meantime, there are some other Lansing area restaurants I think that the Food Network should visit. Check them out below.

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