Everybody in Michigan dreams of having a nice place "Up North". I found one for you. In fact, this home is described as "the ultimate summer home" (and I can't argue with that).

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According to MLive.com, this home is 9,000 square feet, sitting on 2.6 acres of land, with 520 feet of lakefront on Walloon Lake, about 10 miles south of Petoskey. The home features a billiards room with a bar (I thought that was important) and comes with a 1600-foot guest home (so your relatives won't spend all their time in your billiards room). Of course, Walloon Lake is where Ernest Hemingway spent his summers as a boy. If you can't write the Great American Novel here - you have no soul (or so much money that you don't care).

The property costs $9.8 million, or you can buy it without the guest house for $8.3 million (which means the guest house is a cool $1.5 million, all by itself) But then, your relatives will be hanging out all night at the bar in your billiards room. Better get it WITH the guest house.

This is why we play the lottery. Here's the story, with photos.

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