Lake Michigan is a strange and mysterious place. And we're not just talking about dads who insist on wearing Speedos to the beach. Because, while there's a lot of talk about the Bermuda Triangle, many people have never heard of the Lake Michigan Triangle.

According to Milwaukee Magazine, the Lake Michigan Triangle exists in an area formed by Manitowoc, Wisconsin to the west, east to Ludington, Michigan, and south to Benton Harbor. Over the last 130 years, ships in that area have disappeared and never been found - or found floating with nobody aboard. People have vanished, seemingly into thin air. A Northwest Airlines plane disappeared over Lake Michigan in 1950. Bodies were found, but the plane has never been found.

And, in 2007, researchers looking in the Triangle for shipwrecks, found a man-made formation of stones, in forty feet of water. Along with the carefully placed stones, they found a carving of a mastodon, thought to be at least 12,000 years old. The work of Native Americans? Possibly - but 12,000 years ago would be very early for humans in the Great Lakes area. The location of the spot has been kept a secret, but cameras have been allowed to take video of the site:


Pretty cool, huh?

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