Believe it or not, I know some folks who already have their holiday shopping done. Yep it's true. I am truly a last minute holiday shopper, though. I know It would be so much easier to get it done now and not panic last minute, but I never seem to learn. I am just not sure if I want to do it online or wait till days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday where I will get some amazing deals.

The National Retail Federation says we should start Christmas shopping now. According to their article,


Retailers have planned ahead for an extended shopping season: 69 percent of retail respondents surveyed by NRF expected consumers to start their holiday shopping in October, and they were ready to meet this demand with seasonal inventory and promotions.

Christmas is less then 8 weeks away, so it's time to get busy kids. Remember we are in November already. Do your homework because there is plenty of competition to get your holiday bucks this year. A lot of retailers will reward you big time if you download their apps for extra savings.

I am going to do some shopping online and hit some stores in Lansing on Black Friday.  I kind of want to spread my money around. I think it's important to spend local here in the Lansing area.

I am buying more fun gifts than practical this year. It will be more fun that way.  For instance, many toy companies are bringing back toys that were popular when we were kids. Stuff like Connect Four, Cabbage Patch Kids, and  Easy Bake Ovens. Check this out from

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