When we last left you, yesterday, Michigan had been named the "Best State" in America by Thrillist.com. Florida had been named the worst.

And there was great sadness and gnashing of teeth in Florida. Specifically - Miami and the folks writing for the Miami Herald. Sadly, they're not over it.

Yesterday afternoon, a columnist named Fabiola Santiago felt the need to further defend Florida. And explain how, because of the horrible weather conditions in Michigan, visitors to Michigan have to be carried to speaking engagements - if their airline flight can even land. We, apparently live, not in the best, but, the scariest state.

I love Miami Beach. The last time we were in Florida, my lovely wife and I spent a day in Miami. We went to the Museum of Contemporary Art, walked on the beach, looked for the building they used in the movie, "The Birdcage" (never did figure that one out must've been a set) and had a great seafood dinner. But it just can't compete with fudge and a beer and a campfire on Lake Superior.



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