I usually don't click on these things, but when I saw, "The Most Searched For Medical  Term in Your State", I was wondering what Michiganders are Googling when it comes to medical issues. (There's obviously a lot of scary medical stuff Google will take you through. Most of these medical issues lead one down a dark path. I don't recommend it. Go see your doctor)

So, I clicked. You know what the "most searched for medical term in Michigan" is?

According to The Active Times : "Stuffed nose"

Are you kidding me? Not even "common cold", just "stuffed nose"? So, allergies? Delaware is going through the same thing. Here's some Kleenex, tiny state.

Meanwhile, it appears from this list that a lot of America is dealing with being stressed out or irritable.

And then we have our friends in Ohio. Apparently their biggest problem is being "pale". No. Really.

And Indiana? OK, I'm just going to step slowly away and let you read the article.

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