On this date 104 years ago - the "unsinkable" RMS Titanic - sank. It hit an iceberg at 11:40PM the night before and by 2:30AM on the 15th, it was broken in two pieces and laying on the ocean floor.

Of the 2200 people on board, 1500 died. According to the Lansing State Journal, 61 of the people on board had ties to Michigan. Some were returning to Michigan after being on vacation overseas, while others were coming to Michigan to work in the new car factories of Detroit or the mines in the Upper Peninsula.

Somebody who's researched the Michigan "Titanic connection" is Jay Follis from the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners (between Battle Creek and Kalamazoo). He and his wife Barbara dress in period costumes, while leading discussions about the Michiganders involved in the sinking.

You may have read plenty of "Titanic" stories, but this is a pretty good read, about some of the Michiganders onboard that night.



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