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Today: How did Michigan State contribute to the idea of a National Championship game?

Back in 1966, Michigan State and Notre Dame played a football game that has been referred to as the "Game of the Century". Michigan State was ranked No. 2 and Notre Dame was No. 1 by the Associated Press. It was Michigan State's last regular season game of that year. MSU and ND ended up tied, at 10-10.

According to the New York Times, Notre Dame remained No. 1 that year after beating USC the next week and was named National Champion at the end of the regular season. Michigan State finished No. 2. Had there been a national championship game that year, State might have had something more to say about that. And that year, somebody did suggest they should have an NCAA national championship game.

That person was legendary MSU head coach Duffy Daugherty. In 1966. It would be more than 30 years until it actually happened. Today, we actually have playoffs, but that 1966 game was the one that got people thinking about how national champions are chosen.

The Spartans open their season this year on Friday Sept. 2nd against the Furman Paladins. Two weeks later the Spartans and Notre Dame will play in South Bend.

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