The world watched Judge Alexis Krot shame a 72-year-old cancer patient for his messy yard, and they are not happy.

The line above reads like clickbait.  There's no way a judge would receive the information that a man couldn't tend to his yard because he's in his 70's and fighting cancer, and would respond with the words, "If I could give you jail time, I would."  That's a small taste of the shade Judge Alexis Krot threw at this man as if he was a criminal or menace to society.

The video from the Hamtramck 31st District Court has triggered dozens of TikToks from large creators and hundreds if not thousands of tweets calling for the removal of this judge.  In fact, a petition has been created at asking for the removal of Judge Alexis Krot.  This petition has received nearly 170 thousand signatures in just five days.

Stance Grounded, who has nearly 330 thousand followers on Twitter reacted to this crazy courtroom moment,

This white woman, Alexis G. Krot, a 31st district judge in Hamtramck MI, berated an elderly South Asian Muslim man over some plants that he couldn’t clean up due to weakness from having cancer!

TsoraPop said this in a tweet,

Jail time? For an overgrown lawn of a sickly cancer patient? Judge Alexis G Krot should be removed from the bench effective immediately for ethics violations. I'd like to see an investigation into her past activity as well to identify if this has ever occurred in previous cases.

Dave G reminds us to pay attention in this tweet,

Remember that judges are elected positions. Study your ballot, talk with groups in your area and decide which people have the demeanor and compassion to be a judge.
Alexis G Krot should not be re-elected.

Even the Fox 2 reporter called the judge out while covering the story.  In the video, you see that the 72-year-old man is so sick he can barely talk to the judge.  Somehow, seeing how ill the man is and knowing he is fighting cancer and had no help didn't seem to slow the judge down.  Having a messy yard by the ally way of your garage is something this judge takes very seriously.  The judge told Fox 2 that she would like to comment on the matter but has been told not to.

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The elderly man's yard is now clean and the $100 fine is paid.  I think we can expect people to come out in droves with stories about how they have been treated like this by the judge in the past.  Time will tell.  One thing is for sure, this video is disturbing and this elected official should have treated that man with dignity and respect.  There's no doubt her past cases and interactions with the public will be under a microscope in the coming weeks.

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